• My mouth longs to pause upon your lips.
    My hands to run against your skin.
    For the moment, these pleasures can only be enjoyed
    In my dreams.
    Respect chains these rabid hounds
    To their filthy cages.
    They smell your mysterious scent
    And strain to catch a look from their prey.
    When another dares to draw your attention,
    My instinct reacts, to cease this affair.
    However, I pause and adjust.
    What right do I have? A right I, and no one else, will ever have.
    But I do dream of a day, when a title may be held.
    One that causes others to shy away from such behavior.
    I must wait, conform to your wishes.
    To learn of one another.
    This poses no issue, for I am always waiting,
    And always thinking.
    The trouble rears its head head in two questions.
    How do I do this? What extent will this last till?