• Eyes of Scarlet Poison

    Lips of fire and ice

    your heart and mine

    connected in one big sin

    my greatest mistake

    feels like my biggest win

    a deadly passion

    consuming my better judgement

    your breath like fire

    your skin, so cold

    a dark desire

    a story unfolds

    a screach in the night

    a rose scented by blood

    a soul that must be

    consuled by death and pain

    a frightning secret

    shoots your wants and needs

    through my veins

    you whisper ideas unheard of

    i cry tears of redemption

    you love my pains

    i know yours

    your hearts untamed

    i wish for

    everything you've ever seen

    every drop you've ever bleed

    every tear you've ever shed

    take from this innocence

    that haunts my every step

    detect in me my deep desire

    for the evil on your breath.

    tear appart my mortal soul

    wash away my shattered fears

    Scaret Poison throught night

    fangs with venoum

    that know your deepest want

    glowing moon

    shines apon

    the flesh of hatred, love and harm...