• Verse 1
    i have this feeling i can't explain
    i have this wrap of emotions
    it's coming from deep in my heart
    just like a masterpiece
    your a work of art
    so I'm on my knees
    telling you everything
    you mean to me
    I'm in love
    with you
    I'm ecstatic
    just hearing your name'
    I'm overwhelm with everything
    that you do
    cause for once in my life
    i don't have to think twice
    cause i am
    in love with you
    Verse 2
    just thinking back on our first date
    Looking at you i was simply amazed
    saying hi never seem so hard to do
    but now
    I'm hanging on every word that begins
    with you
    cause i know
    oh i know
    deep in my heart
    that I'm in love
    Repeat Chorus
    I just want to shout
    and tell the world
    About you
    and me cause
    Repeat chorus
    I'm in love
    with you