• I live in this night mare only to see
    Of what he has done to me
    The reason for my depression
    Only caused by pure surpression

    Happiness has been long gone
    I find myself all alone
    Nightmares of that day seep into my mind
    Who he was, I hope never to find.

    The hurt he has inflicted
    Was like salt poured into an open wound
    I live with this day in and day out
    I wish there was a bit of dout

    Now he has left me with visions so intence
    I find it hard to sleep at night
    A constant fear flowing though me
    That he is so close, so near.....

    So now I find myself writing about this,
    Crying out for some kind of help
    Wondering if I am the only one
    To feel the way I feel right now.