• It was a cold night and no one was around. Me and my friend, Kate, were arguing
    about a haunted basement that I shouldnt have gone in or else I wouldnt be like this now.
    "Dont go there, Celia! Its a haunted basement, honest!" shouted my friend, Kate.
    "Yeah, right! Im really scared!" I shouted back sarcastically.
    "Ugh, I know its a haunted house. Look at this picture!" She gave me a picture of a young girl,
    about my age, choking on a piece of rope around her neck. Blood coming out of her mouth.
    But a big dark shadow was covering up her face. It made me shiver.
    "This is fake. This is just fake," I said, after a long time staring at the picture.
    "I know it isnt! I was searching about this basement all over the Internet and I know this whole
    thing isnt fake!" Kate said.
    "So what? I dont care about this nonsense! Im going in!" I quickly went in. Nothing happened.
    "See?" I said. "Nothings happening! NOTHING! Absolutely nothing! This is just stupid." I started
    to dance about and sing silly songs.
    "Kate, theres one thing I need to tell you," I said. Kate was now sobbing. "Oh, my gosh! What
    ARE you sobbing for, silly old freak?! Theres nothing to cry about! Kate, stop, please! Seeing isnt-"
    A loud scream. Drip, drop, drip, drop. Choking. Groaning. "Believing..." I whispered
    while I choked to my death.

    "Seeing is Believing."