• I loved you or thats what I thought, remember who stayed with you through everything? Remember who worried about you when you got hurt?
    I have a question that goes through my mind as I stare at the dark ceiling every night, did you ever love me or did I just want to hear that? I miss the smell of your jacket and your warmth when you hugged me. I miss the way you kissed me that made me feel like I could fly.I miss everything about you and your etched into my mind for all eternity. I miss the wat you said I love you. I miss the way you made me laugh but I never laugh I'm dead inside because I know she is in your arms tonight. She stole you from me and now I want ot die. I wait for you every night as I cry myself to sleep.
    Come back to me my lovefor I can not live with out you in this world. I remember when we layed on the soft grass and looked up at the moon as the stars started to appear. I can still hold on to the small pieces I have of you until you return to me my love.
    I can not sleep knowing that she is in you are holding her tonight, I can not stop crying for I know you do not care for me any longer. Do you remember I excist or have you forgotten me like all the others?
    I ask myself these questions as I lay on my bed and stare at the ceiling and wait for you to come back to me my love.