• Some say they live a hard life
    when their boyfriend wont look her in the eyes
    but in truth that isn't bad
    you just haven't been that sad

    If you know someone who that doesn't hurt
    its because they can't care for the rest
    of the poeple who can't understand
    what life is when happyness isnt put in your hand

    They will love those who will love back and care
    for their life they would share
    with that one who will love them forever
    and not want them to loose being toogether

    Because thats the one who understands
    and will sympathize and hold your hands
    while wispering words of love to you
    because he is your love and its true

    Even if he isn't here yet and things have been wrong
    doesn't mean that he wont come
    he is already on his way
    and will be here some other day