• I hope someday we can be together
    Not only for a moment but forever
    I guess hoping will be alright
    A sign in heaven, he’s showing me the light

    But as soon as the sun begun to set
    And the night is starting to get wet
    I need to put my hopes down and low
    Because my fears are starting to flow

    Tonight where no one else can see
    My true feeling deep within me
    Hugging my pillow tight to comfort me
    In the darkness where I can be free

    Free to hope, to dream and to love
    Free from everything as an angel above
    Through this night I’m asking you dear God
    Please take away this feeling that I have

    Because every time I see him smile
    I try to convince myself to stop asking why
    Stop complaining start saying goodbye
    For the love that would never be mine

    Tonight where no one else can see
    A prayer of a dying soul will be free
    A prayer of hope, love and eternity
    For the man I love and his girl to be.