• Shyness
    Shyness is hard,
    I tried to stay on my guard,
    I was too afraid to talk,
    Afraid to walk,
    I tried and tried,
    I lied,
    I was only trying to make a friend,
    I was trying to mend,
    My horrid ways,
    My mind was like a maze,
    During those horrible times,
    I gave my dimes,
    When asked for them,
    I was horribly afraid to say no,
    I was afraid to go,
    I may,
    Try to run in the future,
    But,I was too immature.

    Author's Note:I hope you like this poem.I was thinking about how shy I was when I thought i'd write a poem about shyness.Yes,I know some parts don't rhyme.