• "Why" spoke the unsaid question,never answered,and never wanted to be known.
    A cascade of fire burning out,in her soul,now frozen,never fully revived.
    Paths of most resistance taken,as it is the only where else to go.
    Smiles forced looking every bit as real,until one takes a closer look.

    The long walk back home,gave time for one to reflect.
    Blocked out memories returning,as tears came in the corner of his eyes.
    His pace quickins as his throat seems to close up,and now needed strength is all given away.

    Chapters end,but life still goes on,and tragies never end.
    Love fades under space and time,and we end up telling stories of good times,but under diffrent names.While we still walk on,we go in circles.
    Webs of lies tear down as the truth is revealved,and countless lives come to an end.

    And the story lives on.
    And are lives end.
    And the story lives on.
    And are lives end.