• I don't get why she can't talk
    I don't get why the sun always shines
    I don't get why you care for me
    When I just push you aside

    I don't get why I have to be silent
    I don't get why I have to eat
    I don't get why we have to listen
    When all we don't follow

    I do see why we should fly
    I do see why birds don't come down
    I get why so many become pilots
    Seeing how fun it can be

    I finally realize,how my life was born to be
    I was born to stay on this ground
    But when it finally ends here
    I'll get my wish,to fly high
    [repeat,2nd time coda]

    Well,everything doesn't have to follow the rules
    Like I don't,but this is new
    Nothing does at all,after all,why can't we fly high?

    I say its not fair
    I say we should be able to
    Fly high,fly high tonight
    It would free so free...free to fly tonight

    Fly free,fly high
    Learn how to spread your wings
    When you wake up from this dream
    Remember that you'll always
    Get that wish

    Always fly high
    Touch the sky
    Fly with the birds
    See where it whirls

    However until then
    We'll wait here
    For then,when...

    When it comes our time
    When we can break that rule
    We can go with him and fly
    to the moon

    Well...like I said..
    I'll wait til' then
    For then..
    I'll be flyin' high~