• Two little twinkies are sitting at the pond,
    One drops his pants then s**t goes wrong
    I found a soggy condom and it smelt like dirty cream
    I found their bags of toys, and their dirty magazines

    One was on his knees, the other making bacon
    The slab of meat he held in hand, was really ********' bakin'
    It was kind of hot as he soon got off,
    But the children really couldn't see
    Mr. Twinkie was a ******** f**,
    He had just bukkake'd his own dad

    Mrs. Twinkie saw the pictures and couldn't come to terms
    Why was her son on his knees, drinking daddies sperm?
    I tried to say I'm sorry, that I really didn't know
    But I couldn't give more response, as she began to blow

    I felt her spongecake lips, it was like a bakery on my c**k
    I had just blown a load, big enough to bomb Iraq
    And just about then, daddy walked inside
    He wasn't very angry, all he wanted was his own ride

    Just as fast it began I was covered in their cream,
    Their sticky cake was on my face,
    It was like a fat kids first wet dream

    But sex wouldn't stop me, from reaching toward my goal
    I was going to ******** their asses,
    And then I'd eat them whole,
    First I ate the momma,
    She squirmed and screamed in pain,
    Then I ate the Mister, whose words had gone insane
    So soon I ate the child, as he cried out mommies name
    I had ate the family, after intensely sexy, spongecake games

    I wasn't really thinking, as I savored what I won
    The thick cream running from my mouth
    Wasn't Twinkies,
    It was probably my own warm wet c**!