• life is short
    life is painful
    none can truly see the rainbow
    all shall bow before the night,
    but none shall cry for loss of life
    or pain that's sharp like a knife,
    longer than the moonlight
    all shall fear their many pains
    all shall pay for there rain

    braking thru the clouds above
    colors bright like a dove
    rain now gives insted of takes
    washes past mans mistakes

    life is good
    life is sweet
    all may greet the rainbow
    none shall bow before the night
    and all can cry for loss of life
    love is quick like a bird
    longer then the sunlight
    none shall fear any pain
    none shall pay for the rain

    today light is our queen
    tomorrow may it be our king
    for life and love are very beat
    may we all pass our tests