• I had heard words from many strange things,

    but none such as a butterfly.

    With rainbow wings, and mystical things,

    I could tell you if I try.

    She landed here so late one year,

    and I just had to pry.

    “My lady dear, if I may hear,

    the agenda of a butterfly.”

    To my surprise, and here, no lies,

    the lady began to speak.

    Her voice was frail, her wings were pale,

    her body was small and meek.

    “A butterfly’s life is none to desire,

    even though it looks quite fair.

    But just as desire burns like a fire,

    this life I wouldn’t share.

    Being born is a chore, and even more,

    the life we live is not great.

    And known throughout lore, and what for?

    A butterfly’s life is all fate.

    Our wings are all colored, for all to see,

    which dooms us already right there.

    And oh, how I wish I just couldn’t be,

    to become captive in a stomach’s lair.

    Even the food we ingest isn’t all best,

    for what our lives have in store.

    Our curse is that we can never digest,

    and that we shall live no more.

    And what people do is just as bad,

    to my brethren and me.

    To be pinned in a box just to be had,

    as though a butterfly’s life is free!

    So why would you choose just to be me,

    thinking my life is charmed.

    But with these words, I hope you can see,

    as a butterfly, you’re constantly harmed.

    By wind and by weather, by creature and man,

    my life is doomed to end soon.

    And just imagine, if you can,

    me dead in the light of the moon.”

    And so she flew off that dark starry night,

    to a place where I could not see.

    So I believe she went under the light

    of the moon and just ceased to be.