• I feel the world
    look at me
    whisper words
    of beauty

    I hear the world
    cry out a song
    of when it knew
    its hearts first lullaby

    The world is falling
    into the mist
    not knowing where to go

    We search for meaning
    in our lives
    not knowing
    what where searching for

    Let me out
    show me my wings
    so i can fly
    out of this mist
    burning right through my eyes
    This is how I feel
    whenever I know the world
    is falling down
    down down

    This is how I feel
    whenever the world is falling
    falling down

    Get me out of this misery
    that I feel
    Show me whats real
    in this mist
    burn the obstacles out of my way
    show me
    guide me
    hold my hand out of here
    and when we
    escape here
    I'll show you haw I allways feel

    Sing me a lullaby
    from the first ages of time
    and when you do
    tell me
    the beauty
    in my soul
    attatch my wings
    sing me a song
    of your first love
    and when you do
    I'll show you
    how I have allways feel