• I remember when we used to talk.
    It was always friendly, never rude.
    I thought that we might become friends,
    But it seemed that you wanted no part.

    I remember when we became friends.
    Two academic atheletes: a boy and a girl.
    Rumors began to spread
    And the pressure began to build.

    I remember when things became complex.
    Confusion and confliction filled our lives.
    Our friendship began to show signs of strain,
    And still the pressure continued to build.

    I remember when our friendship ended
    With a backstabbing I will never forget.
    The pressure had overwhelmed you...
    And I was left to pick up the pieces.

    I remember the long months of torment.
    A legendary pain.
    You never even looked at me
    And never even seemed to care.

    A lot has changed since then...
    I am a different person now...
    No longer the kind person you once knew.
    But still...I remember.

    And I will never forget.