• It all starts with
    One tear
    One fear
    A couple of words
    And bam
    Your world comes down on your head
    And you think the only path left is death
    So pick up your knife
    Kiss mom good-bye
    Slit your wrists
    And take your life
    Slowly bleeding
    Slowly feeding
    On the pain that's in your soul
    On the pain that’s in your heart
    You have it all planned out in your head
    Your parents walk in to find you dead
    In a puddle of your own blood
    Terrified, they'll call the cops
    They'll tell your parents, horrified
    "It was murder through suicide"
    You have your grave already made
    People wished you would have stayed
    Realizing, it's horrifying
    Murder through suicide
    It's the only way.