• I hate you.
    I loathe you.
    Don't touch me.
    As if you would.
    You hate me.
    You loathe me.
    I won't touch you.
    As if I would.
    All I want is one "I love you."
    Imagine what that would do to my well-being.
    If a look stops my heart.
    If a word leaves me breathless.
    What would those words do?
    Would I die?
    Would my limbs be lifeless?
    Would you love me then?
    Or would you just be better off,
    If I was dead.
    I don't know what I see in you.
    I despise you.
    Your heart is dead.
    Your soul is black.
    Your stare is icy.
    Telling me these things.
    Labeling me for life.
    The words roll of my tongue,
    A never ending adrenaline rush.
    Don't kiss me.
    I changed my mind.