• Indigo

    I wish I was away in indigo
    far across the sea
    sailing over deapet waters
    for me and only me

    For when I am sailing
    I feel as strong as bark
    to leap out into the water
    out of my own crystaliesed ark

    And when I feel like this
    I feel the water shores
    for things that make uniqe
    and things that make me raw

    For when I am swimming
    I feel like only me
    that could do other things
    that only I could see

    But when I drown
    I feel all alone
    for I will die
    and rot and turn to bone

    But there you are,
    again to save the day
    your uniqe version
    of me in a way

    But when I smile
    You do not do the same
    you drop your head in water
    and shout and call my name

    You cannot see me
    Why no I'm right here
    It might be your scared
    or shivering with so much fear

    I shout again and again
    but still you do not hear
    You still dont understand
    I'm here, I'm over here

    You do not hear me
    Your deth as a bird
    still I shout
    still you dont hear a word

    For when I realise
    My bodys over there
    my souls over here
    but still I do not care

    I want you to see me
    I dont wanna go through light
    I want you to be with me
    and everything to be alright

    Why cant I be with you
    or just be able to survive
    I didn't want to die
    I want to fight to stay alive

    So there I am
    almost able to breathe
    then you come over
    to hug and kiss me

    so then I breath in
    then sort of breathe out
    you cry and you shout

    Your happy than can be
    your happy I survived
    Your happy you own daughter
    happy she stayed aliv