• evil
    Darkness comes and goes,
    Like flame witch are never untold,
    It can engolp you from your toes to your nose,
    It's flames so bright and bold,

    Oh so many stoires to be told,
    About flames that can engolp you from your toes,
    It's crison, orange, and gold,
    From your toes to your nose,
    Brilient stories are told,
    Engolped in it's bold flames,
    Enbrace a burning hug,
    For your flame story ends here like a burned maine,
    For you are now dead and the reper drank your sprite chug, chug, chug,
    You are engolped in your firery tomb to death you part...
    Farwell my friend I'll never forget,
    The End or is it...