• You come up to me
    You look me in my eyes
    You smile and tell me to be
    Truthful to you without any lies

    My heart won't stop beating
    It hurts my chest
    Because when I see you
    I hope I can show my love is true.

    You brush your hand against my face
    You make me smile and feel happy in every place
    I can't believe you're here in my arms
    You're the only one I trust won't give me any harm

    My heart won't stop beating
    It rarely hurts my chest
    I think I've become immune
    Because I get so much happiness from you

    You tell me I'm pretty
    I say Maybe So
    You tell me I'm amazing
    I say I don't think so

    My heart won't stop beating
    It doesn't hurt anymore
    Because when you look down at me from above
    The only thing I feel is pure love.