• Lying on the pavement,
    With the darkness enveloping around you.
    Trying to get away from the screaming children,
    and Halloween party fun.

    As the wind blows,
    only on the trees by you.
    You stomach clutches,
    and it gets harder to breathe.
    Some invisible person,
    that can't be seen.

    As you slowly feel their hand tighten,
    around your neck.
    Gulping for air,
    that can't get in.

    As you shriek and struggle.
    Nothing can be seen,
    and nothing can be heard.
    Only the invisible person and pain.

    You start to lose breath,
    and vision becomes almost impossible.
    Thinking your final moments have come,
    As death flashes before your eyes.

    Then it's gone,
    nothing clutching.
    Gasping for the air,
    that is now there.

    Your friend finally sees you,
    and comes rushing to you side.
    Asking what happened,
    and you say nothing.
    Breathing heavy,
    and lean on her for support.