• After All

    This time,
    All we see,
    Everything is gone,
    Except for you and me.

    Can't you tell,
    I'm still here,
    Just call my name,
    And i'll start running,
    Through the pouring rain.

    Cause i'll do,
    Whatever it takes,
    To get you back,
    Toss out every mistake,
    To be here with you,
    Asleep or wide awake.

    Lets take a drive,
    Chasing the sun,
    After all, It's you and me,
    That's all we need,
    So don't look back,
    We are making,
    Making memories.

    When your alone,
    And it's all hard to bear,
    Don't be afraid,
    I'll be here,
    To wipe away,
    Every tear.

    Lie under the stars tonight,
    Gaze into each others eyes,
    Your the only one I need,
    After all, Its you and me,
    It's all I ever want to have,
    So don't look back,
    Cause we're making,
    Making memories.