• I despise you and your lies
    Promises made and broken
    Enlighting thoughts spoken
    In an attempt to snare me with false euphoria

    Compassion, you know nothing of this
    Sadism, pride, sloth are your gifts
    That you gladly distribute among the fallen
    You embrace the calling of deciet
    Torment, you feel is sweet
    Love, that has been your bait for centuries on

    The true meaning of charity in your vocabulary
    Is heavily tainted
    Your helping hand is painted with the crimson liquid of your victims
    You thrive on hate systems
    Yet you hide them well
    Anything to excel in getting the lead
    You strive to suceed at any cost
    Sacrificing genuine friends lost
    In exchange for those who look at you with side glances
    As you ignore there shared chances
    To pull the wool over your eyes
    They in turn despise you
    And rue the day that they have squeezed you of your life force
    As you equally deliver a course of pain among those that once cherished you

    Unfortunately, there will be those that mourn for you
    Beginning in your suffering and transitioning in your way to the gloom
    Though this compassion is not for your benefit
    It is for the campaign to bring light to your tyranny
    Expose you to your fate
    As those that have rose above
    Now dance upon your crushed empire of hate