• Spinning, twirling, acrobatic
    and that's not how it goes
    tripping, tilting, systematic
    quick erratic shows

    falling, failing, faintly flailing
    a little high and lots of low
    wishing, wanting, forever daunting
    ready, here we go!

    It's not right, something's amiss
    seal it with a single kiss
    of death, of life, of steel resolve
    of wrongs forgotten, sins absolved
    and still suspicion looms so near
    is that a break in flow I hear?
    The rhythm's off its steady beat
    it's different from its last retreat
    this construction is lost again
    this rhyme seems an awful strain
    this line's too short
    and this one is far, far too extensive
    and is this one needed?
    is this tone a little pensive?
    But pensive, poems are
    they're thinking, thoughtful things
    like shoes and ships and sealing wax
    like cabbages and kings!
    Oh, I'm sure those lines are copy-written
    and I've no intention to offend
    dear, departed Lewis Carroll
    which from whom those lines were penned
    and was that last line proper?
    I'm sure that's not the case
    chalk it up to poetic license
    as they're rather fitting in their place
    and I know that you are thinking
    this poem's gone on rather long
    and I'm sure that your observations
    are far from being wrong
    but, with which to end this ranting ramble,
    I can't find a fitting line --
    oh, wait I think I've got it.

    Yes, this one will do just fine!