• Cling to her. Never let her go. Make sure she knows you love her. Never be rude and involve her in your conversations with your friends. Theres no such thing as "too clingy" or "loving her too much". Always tell her shes the best thing you have and you'd do anything for her. Offer your coat when shes cold. If she is crying, hug her. Make her laugh too. Make sure that she knows your her world. Write notes to her in classes to tell her that you need her even when your not with her. When she says i love you say it back. Be the best thing she has. If she gets dissed by a friend tell her they aren't worth the tears. If she is sick go to her house and help her out. DO NOT CONTROL HER!!Let her have her freedoms. Give her a gift once in a while to let her know you care. Kiss her. Love her. Make her want you. Be sexy for her. Take your shirt off and if she looks at you just say "what? Im sweaty!" Even though you may not be. If ur sad dont hide it around her. Tell her whats wrong. Be a little perverted but don't overdose it. Unless shes going to be perverted too. In the hallways, Let her know your there. go over to her and kiss her on the cheek. If she goes over to her and says taht she looks really horrible, say "No i dont agree. You look especially hot today! I swear im just...wow...i could stare at you for hours!!" Dont ever diss her to hang out with someone else. If she wants you to go somewhere with her, and you have plans with your friends, tell her youll be there and tell your friends that your parents made last-minute plans. Take her on dates. Impress her. Be a clutz once in a while. Text her and respond to every message. Computer, or anything. If shes calling, answer. Live for her. Be the one she wants. If someone threatens her with a gun, run in and grab the gun-holder and tell her to run around the corner. throw the gun, knock him out, and go to her and run away from the scene. If she threatens to kill herself say "No. I need you to stay with me. I dont want you to go or i will cry. Please dont leave me."

    She wants you to do this! Even if she doesnt say it! Girls love it when you do this!!!!!!!! IM SERIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!