• Headphones
    By:Gina Marie

    I'll sing to you;
    Just like you want me to;
    You plug me in;
    You dance and sing;
    To my words;
    Never once,
    Have you not;
    I love the sound of your voice;
    The way you twirl my cord while you dance;
    You loved me;
    You loved for me to sing to you;
    But one horrid day;
    Your cats got to me;
    My wires;
    Sticking out;
    I couldn't sing to you;
    How torturous that is;
    One day;
    You brought home a bag;
    In that bag;
    Was a new pair of headphones;
    Do you really think those would replace me?;
    Of course you did;
    I sat and watched as you danced and sang to the new;
    I sat on a shelf;
    Gathering dust;
    All I am to you;
    Is a broken pair of;