• They try to control me, False Promises, All Lies,
    I try and Brush them off, Just more annoying Flies.
    But, Following Nature, they always return,
    To be rid of them, I must burn.
    Destroyed Heart, Spirit, Mind...
    Charred remnents, all they find.
    They Feed off the fact I've no desire,
    Sooner freeze to death, No more fire.
    What's the point? I'll die, Burn out...
    Why the ******** shouldn't I sit and pout?
    Now my heart, Of Stone, So Black,
    Obsidian formed, Heat's First attack.
    Cooled quickly, Formed a wall,
    Into a river of tears does Heart fall.
    I ca't allow weakness to show,
    More seeds, Pain and Sorrow, Will Sow.
    Deep below the rock, Heart's Safeguard,
    Lies remnents of my heart, One small Shard...
    I hope, Someday, One shall steal Heart, Take pain away,
    I fear the result should small black evil thing stay...