• What is the price of a single life in comparison to a thousand lives even though it is only a single life?
    It is but an excuse for the worthyness of that life no matter how long it lived.
    Wheather the life was a mere infant of pure innocence,
    Or an aged life of long experience,
    That life still lived long enough to live a life of a thousand lives.
    If the live was taken by fate, then the thousand lives had already been lived,
    But if the life was taken by the life of another, then a thousand lives have just been lost.
    Though we live to die, we live to pass on the memories and experience that has been passed on through our own lives.
    From the very first beat in our hearts' to the very last, inspite of the amount passed, it is the duty of our own lives.
    Our lives weren't just meant to be lived by fate alone, but by the fates of our spirit, soul, and flesh.
    The fate of our spirit is the fate that god has placed upon us,
    So we may follow it.
    The fate of our soul is decided by our beliefs,
    And if they can be broken.
    The fate of our flesh is of our wants and needs,
    And only to be followed by our needs.
    It is through the way we follow these fates that make our lives unique,
    And why they cost the life of a thousand lives.