• I thought I never would love again.
    It seemed impossible to me.
    But it seems that you can fix a heart.
    That is a talent that I can see.

    I thought i never would smile again.
    My old broken heart wearing me down,
    But you and your smile,
    Got a smile out of my frown.

    I thought I never would laugh again,
    But now that's obviously a hoax.
    You got a giggle and a smile out of me,
    With your funny and hilarious jokes.

    I though I never would live again.
    My old life drowned in sorrow.
    But you revived me again,
    No more lives do I have to borrow.

    You made it possible
    For all the things I thought I never would,
    But now i can really see,
    All this time, I really could.