• My mothers husband got shot
    My mothers boyfriend is doing pot

    My mom drinks a shot
    Its more then a lot

    I was young being abused
    Living my life being confused

    Where is my mother?
    I need more then my brother

    I'm sitting on chair all alone
    My mom stumbles up the steps at home

    My mom passes out on the floor
    I scream that I don't need this anymore

    The police and ambulance come
    My neighbors and friends watch on the lawn

    I went to school the next day
    Wondering if my mom is okay

    I heard my mom got alcohol poison
    This was blown all out of proportion

    Thats what you get when your alcoholic
    Its nothing you can frolic

    Where is my mother
    I told you I need more then my brother

    Drinking isn't a pain reliever its a pain enhancer to friends, family, and yourself. DON'T DRINK!

    Description continued:
    The police and ambulance arrived shortly after because they found that she got in a car wreck before this. So she was carried out on the stretcher and my best friend across the street watched. And i went to school the next day and I found out she had alcohol poisoning.