• Why the unfair, Sudden change,
    Why am I now treated as dirt?
    Now I know your Behavior's strange,
    All their desire's now to make me hurt.
    They all just pester and bug, They know not how it hurts inside,
    I was someone onced used for a hug.
    Now, seen approach, they run, hide.
    I've earned not these harsh words,
    They've no reality, no fact.
    Tired of lies from "Little Birds"
    How should I react?
    Don't they know these words cause pain?
    All they do is lie to your face,
    Saying all that, what would I gain?
    I'm no fool, I know my place.
    They make me feel like dirt, trying nice,
    I tried, all trusted at one point.
    Rest assured, shan't happen twice.
    They think all I do is roll a joint,
    All they do is laugh and make fun.
    Rude and polite mix, not meant to blend.
    Now I longingly desire to run,
    How long till this torture, Confinement End?