• I am the shadow behind you,
    creeping ever closer,
    soon to engulf you into a world

    of darkness and torment,
    your screams will go unheard,
    as you are tortured, in the dead of night

    Your blood will paint my floor
    The last things you will hear,
    Is my sickening laugh,
    and your last gasp

    But Alas!, The sun creeps
    Wake now, before your last breath
    I shall be back, Tormenting you
    Whilst you dream, I shall kill you.

    Torment,Despair, Rest now
    For tonight, we shall have fun
    While your corpse rots
    I shall wait patiently

    My blades..thirst
    You..the food
    Escape for now,
    Tonight, They will...feast