• Intro

    Throughout my life I've behaved good,
    but being good is not always good.
    The wicked has better luck than me.
    They have a better life than me.

    Part 1

    You think you can do anything,
    touch everything,
    and take anything and everything.

    If God won't punish you,
    then I will
    and what better way to punish you-
    by taking away what you use for evil.

    I will be your punisher,
    but we are not yet there for the finisher,
    I will make you pay,
    and you will pray-
    for mercy,
    but tough luck-I'm all out of mercy-
    for you.

    Part 2

    After 30 days and 30 nights,
    we are coming to an end,
    and soon I will take your rights-
    to live to the very end.

    I will be death for you today,
    today you will pay,
    you will pray,
    you will cry,
    and you will fall in despair as you try-
    to escape your fate,
    but my hate-
    for you
    will not let you.

    So before you die,
    I will make you lie-
    on a table-and rip what hurts you the most,
    but this is just the beginning for the worst,
    you will pay,
    you will pray,
    but down there-they will have no mercy for you.

    So enough said-I bid you,