• You ever feel that burning feeling?

    you want to say something... but you don't

    why? cause no one will here you

    only here what they want to hear

    what they want to interpret

    it's better to say nothing at all

    but you realize your rights

    no matter where you are you have something to say

    a voice demanding to be heard

    and if mute

    a sign demanding to be read.

    so then why do you quit?

    just give up?

    lose all hope?

    everyone's watching you waiting for you

    waiting for you just to slip up.

    so why don't you?

    make that mistake the one that would defy not only them

    but also everything they've ever known?

    have a voice. prove them wrong.

    you're not dead....

    so live.
    i know you can. wink