• The feeling of our fingers intertwined.
    You got my heart, initialed and signed.
    Eyes staring, unable to believe.
    That a you would want the likes of me.
    Don’t leave me, heart torn and shattered.
    You said you’d never leave my heart tattered.
    Words to kind for plain, little me.
    Hugs, maybe kisses, hard to see.
    I sit in the cold but, don’t feel a thing.
    Stare so intense, makes me want to sing.
    Their eyes don’t bother me.
    You’re all I can see.
    You said I am the one for you.
    I feel it too,
    You said you’d only kiss that special one.
    You think its me, of all the girls under the sun
    I can’t believe it.
    Words cannot describe, nothing will fit.
    Even on the days I look tired and am cold.
    You can make me feel so happy and bold.
    You’re the only one to ask my opinion.
    Don’t want to be the only dominion.
    Hands intertwine.
    You got my heart, initialed and signed.