• my love is my heart and my joy.
    take me out into the sky and me cry of the love we share togther.

    when you take me out i feel this joy.
    i feel like this is it my first love in first sight.

    i can feel your lips kiss me and i feel great.
    this my love my joy my heart my soon to be man.

    i did not know what to say when you asked to be your wife.
    i felt a doubt but then in a sudden second i had no doubts to be with you forever.

    and when we fight i feel like i killed you.
    i talk it over with you and i fix the problem i would never hurt you in anyway.

    my love my heart my soon to be baby in my heart is coming on way.
    when me and you fount out you freaked and now im your wife joy and heart.

    the baby is are signal of love if anything to that happend to it we would die in a sudden fate.
    your my baby my joy my heart and my man.

    baby i love and you too world making him and my baby girl
    my love my joy my heart and love is right here right now and i cant stop loving you baby.