• Life

    Life is like a flower,
    Born from the warmness of the sun,
    But born from the warmness of friends.
    You see love, and beauty of life,
    And you have power.

    You want to live,
    To not rush,
    To laugh with friends, rofl
    To crush… heart

    But fall comes,
    And destroys all you hold dear.
    You fall sometimes;
    Afraid of what’s not clear. crying

    You want to get out
    Of life.
    You see it can be wicked,
    And strife. stare

    Your friends pick you up,
    And help you cope.
    Revealing hope. whee

    To forget the crash,
    Face your tears, crying
    You will again crush… heart

    Spring returns,
    The flowers bloom anew;
    The light hits you,
    So long unseen,
    As you continue. mrgreen

    Your friends
    Will be there
    To laugh, rofl
    To cry, crying
    To hope. blaugh
    You are aware.

    But those who
    Laugh when you cry. crying
    They aren’t friends.
    You say, “Good-bye.”

    But your heart says it’s a lie, heart
    That they didn’t betray.
    Your head sways.

    Needless things
    Are known
    But things you need to know
    End up unknown.

    You must find out
    Who friends are.
    By learning, living, and
    At times being scared.

    Life is like a flower,
    You have the power.