• as the seasons change
    i remember how i used to be
    now i cant go on
    nothing left
    just a broken heart
    im a stray
    a wounded soul
    so i must give up the fight
    so leave me lying here
    tell the people
    tell em i dont care
    there is not a road i know that leads to anywhere
    without a light
    i fear that i will stuble in the dark
    lay right down the side
    not to go on
    but there is a voice in the distance
    remember who you are
    if you lose yourself
    your courage will soon follow
    so be strong tonight
    and remember who you are
    you are a stray now
    fighting the eternal battle
    to be free once more
    thats whats worth fighting for
    and to free the pain of others
    thats what im here for