• On a cold Winter's night,
    a child lies still in the still light
    a dream awoke him,his lips moving...murmuring
    a dream so frightening and yet so alluring
    'Do not bother me...'he said
    the breeze strengthened as he said
    ''Go away...'
    the wind wispered in his ear
    'Master,master,can you not hear?'
    'I hear it my friend...'
    the child stood up and said one chilling word
    as if from thin air, a spirit appears
    so dim and yet so bright,in the cold Winters night
    'What brings this here?'
    the spirit said
    'To bring thou back to where thy belong.'
    'Then go back to your world,there is still work for me to be done...'
    a sudden gust of wind so strong
    the light flickered and the spirit disappeared
    the child walked away,closer to his destination,
    also disappearing in the dim flickering lights.....