• In the dim light
    In the dead of the night
    With this knife in my hands
    As i unfold my plans
    As my body keeps jolting
    Every happy memory in sight seems revolting
    As i fight back the tears
    My ending comes near
    I grip the knife with all my life
    For this is my last attempt to end the strife
    I swipe the knife against my hands
    To reassure my hope that my worries will end
    As my faulty door opens
    Blood runs down my knees
    My crippled hand drunkens
    All my familly is rushing at me
    Looking at me
    Shouting at me "Why did you do this, isn't there any other way"
    The pain just never goes away
    I start to feel faint and my blood runs cold
    Drained of all color
    My clothing tattered and soiled
    Whirling sirens
    Bright blue lights
    Surely this will be my last night
    I gasp for air but no air comes
    My heart beat grows faint, like a dying drum
    Everythings so dark, i think i can see a light
    I won't do any more harm to what was a peacefull night
    My spirit is lifting, to where i don't know
    To heaven or hell, nothing i know
    I can't see myself or anything around me
    But i can hear a small voice, resounding
    "There is hope elsewhere. One with no harm
    Why would someone do this. It's just such an alarm."
    I didn't want more chances
    I didn't want your help
    That's why last night I killed myself.