• hello hello
    here am to say
    im a diffrint girl
    just look ova here

    check the hair
    crazy an rianbow colored
    now come to the outfit
    gothic shirt with inuyasha then riped up pants

    i wish i had a tail
    some wings would be cool to
    come now lets take a look
    see walking down the street

    you'll gasp an say
    were the hell is from
    my eyes are red
    my teath look like vampire fangs

    dark black boots
    holding a book
    along with cute plushie toy
    rollin on a skate board

    im so diffrint
    you cant understand me
    nor will you see
    who i am

    im weird

    you'll see me
    then you'll wonder
    holy s**t
    what store did she just come out of

    im so driffrint
    shopin at hot topic
    eating ramen
    haven more fun

    im so dffrint
    but im ok with that
    you coud say im stuborn
    but i really dont care

    i do stupid things
    i have fun
    i look diffrint
    im so weird

    you'll never find someone like
    onley because

    im one of a kind!