• Are you alright, little bird?
    Your winds are stiff and your side is bleeding.
    Please don't die, little bird.
    You still have many skies to explore.
    Stay with me, little bird.
    I'll carry your small body with my cold hands.

    As your blood drips down near my bedroom window,
    The wind blows the warm summer air.
    But why little bird?
    I feel so cold and my face is wet from crying.
    Are you in pain little bird?
    Soon it will fade away.

    Sing to me, little bird.
    Only for a short while make me smile.
    Fly with me, little bird.
    Together, let's fly through the sky into the unknown.
    You look better now, little bird.
    But you're colder than before.

    As your transparent body flew to my bed.
    The sound of grief filled my room from the cries of my loved ones.
    That cold figure is me, little bird.
    A lifeless corpse, laying on bed.
    Will you fly with me, little bird?
    But first we must say goodbye.