• FROM morn to midnight, all day through,
    I laugh and play as others do,
    I sin and chatter, just the same
    As others with a different name.

    And all year long upon the stage,
    I dance and tumble and do rage
    So vehemently, I scarcely see
    The inner and eternal me.

    I have a temple I do not
    Visit, a heart I have forgot,
    A self that I have never met,
    A secret shrine—and yet, and yet

    This sanctuary of my soul
    Unwitting I keep white and whole,
    Unlatched and lit, if Thou should’st care
    To enter or to tarry there.

    With parted lips and outstretched hands
    And listening ears Thy servant stands,
    Call Thou early, call Thou late,
    To Thy great service dedicate