• Look at you,
    Look at me, can't you see we're meant to be?

    Now look at your friends, they know who you like,
    Then look at my friends, they know who I like,
    I've got a good idea too,
    just make your move, cause we could be...

    Livin' the Sweet Life, everything all right.
    Nothing left to worry bout!
    With you forever, we'd be happy together!
    Can't you see it too????
    You just gotta make your move!!

    Can't you see it was a match made in the beginning of history???

    All you need to do is say " I love you, " or atleast let me knoow!!!

    I know we're still young, but give me some hope, there's plenty of fish left in the sea,
    but can't you see your the only guy for me??!!

    I can move on, but don't make me do so...
    Just Make Your Move.