• Have you stared alone...
    At the place for the dead and overcome by woes,
    In the dark and you'd see the glistened steel,
    That would deliver the final painful pleasure,

    To be here, in the dark of night,
    With nothing in the measure of sight,
    I have taken dread as delight,
    Than the reality with fangs that bite,

    I have forgotten joy, happiness and laughter,
    Disdained and restless in this life I falter,
    Sought for answers but left with wonders,
    For the gift of life and what it offers,

    As I brood under this starless shelter,
    My fondness for death grows much deeper,
    With this cold blade my veins I sever,
    And wait for all that's life to end forever,

    My garment stains of crimson hue,
    From wrists of mine the blood I drew,
    It blankets me, with warmth oh sanguine hue,
    A vision of beauty, like a blossomed rose...adieu,

    Blood is the rose of mysterious union,
    With each drip that eases the fear of the unknown,