• [Chapter Six is the actual story, lol... incase you want to skip all this old stuff, xD)

    Chapter One
    Last Dance
    Jeffery's P.O.V.

    I'm not a human
    Just a participant
    In this little game of life
    I sit on my boulder
    As you cry on his shoulder
    Through the misery and strife
    And I've started to wonder
    Why, oh, why?

    Why can't I be the one
    To pull you up when you're down?
    Why is it that I shrink away
    When'er you're around?
    I'm scared, I guess
    But I'd be truly blessed
    If once, if only once,
    I could have this dance.

    I watched from a distence
    Far away from you
    And your so-called sweet-heart
    I sat in silence
    Could he protect you from the dark?

    The sudden doom
    That could surround you
    In mere seconds
    It would astound you
    But not me
    I'm immune,
    I could help
    Can't you see?
    But now I wonder...
    Why, oh, why?

    Why couldn't I be the one
    To help you up when you were down?
    Why is it that I shrunk away
    When'er you were around?
    I was scared, I guess
    And surely, I'd be blessed
    If once, if only once,
    I could have this dance.

    I always knew
    If you were blue
    Or if help was needed
    And I noticed,
    If he was 'round
    You'd seem defeated

    I should have known this would happen
    That he would do this to you
    But in reality
    What was I supposed to do?

    A scrawny shrimp was all I was
    Still am, and always will be
    And as long as I'm not human
    That is all you'll ever see
    So could you..
    Would you both...
    Make a human out of me?
    Maybe we'll find romance
    Somewhere within this one last dance.

    Chapter Two
    Jet Black Heart
    Kailee's P.O.V.

    My heart has been stolen.
    Stolen by the Sea.
    It didn't hurt at all,
    Just like a pinch to me.

    My heart is jet black,
    And colder than ice.
    I have no clue why,
    But I've just never been nice.

    The only color in it,
    Is the red-blood stains.
    The only remainders,
    Of my previous pains
    I've been stabbed, hurt, prodded,
    Poked, pinned, and pricked.
    All of that coursing pain,
    Has slowly hardened it.

    But it seems very slowly,
    The black's been fading away.
    The Sea is cleansing it,
    Washing the evil away.

    Maybe, someday, it'll happen.
    The evil will be gone.
    But then I'll be left alone again,
    Just like I have been all along.

    But maybe, just maybe,
    The Sea will keep my heart.
    Then, hopefully,
    We would never have to part.

    Chapter Three
    Crash & Burn
    Third Person

    She sits in the hospital,
    And waits for the news.
    The Nurse comes out,
    Say's it's more than a bruise.
    She sits in silence,
    Waiting it out,
    But the accident
    She knows almost nothing about.
    The tears come flowing,
    She's got to get out,
    But first she goes in,
    Tugs on his sleeve and shouts;

    "Wake up, Wake up!!!
    You can't leave me alone!"
    She screams.
    "Get up! Get up!!!
    I need you at home!"
    She pleads.
    And the whole time
    She just wonder's why...
    Her tears won't bring him
    Back to life.

    The Nurse comes in,
    Tells her she has to go.
    The girl gets up,
    So very slow.
    She kicks and screams,
    As they throw her into the snow.
    She sits there crying,
    Refusing to go!

    "Wake up, Wake up!!!
    Don't you leave me alone!"
    She screams.
    "Get up, Get up!!!
    You know I need you at home!"
    She pleads.
    "I love you too much,
    For you to go!
    I just can't take this!!!"
    She screams out in woe!

    People pass by,
    And point at the girl,
    Who's crying out,
    Out to the world.
    She no longer cares,
    If she's making a scene.
    She's been crying,
    When all she wants to do is scream;

    "You can't die,
    I love you too much!
    For you to go,
    I'd always miss your touch!"
    And all the while,
    She's wondering why...
    Her tears won't bring him back...
    Back to Life

    Chapter Four
    In Loving Memory
    Kailee's P.O.V.

    Standing still in the pouring rain,
    Transfixed by a simple name,
    Engraved in stone, engraved in my heart,
    Just seeing it nearly tears me apart.

    But suddenly I remember from over two years ago,
    We were driving in your car and you really had to go.
    With 30 miles to the station,
    I pulled out to the side.
    How was I supposed to know,
    What I was in for that night?

    And those hours we spent in your parent’s bed.
    If they’d caught us, we’d have both been dead.
    But then again….
    You wouldn’t be so lonely right now…

    I’ve never met a guy like you
    In my entire life
    A guy who could always laugh
    Through misery and strife
    Who never cursed, and expected the worst
    Of every person alive

    You told me once your favorite pick up line was
    “Once upon a dream
    And I remember you would always start out slow
    ‘Cause you couldn’t stand my screams
    I always took you for granted
    Now all I’ve got left to say is
    Though that night I yelled at you,
    I wish you would have stayed.

    I wonder if your life flashed right before your eyes,
    Or if nothing happened when off the bridge you flied.
    I hope you remember the good times, and not the bad we had,
    And forgive the a*****e who crashed into your cab

    And in loving memory of you,
    And all the stupid s**t we went through.
    You told me once, you told me twice
    Love only caused misery and strife
    And all through I know best of all,
    That it is very true
    I hope you know, wherever you are
    That I’ll always love you.

    Chapter Five
    Society Acts Again
    Kailee's P.O.V.

    Suicidal thoughts haunting me
    For reasons quite unknown
    Laying in this empty tub
    Just to be alone

    This world is so depressing
    And it makes me want to cry
    I know this world is ********
    So don't tell me it's alright

    I'm not fine
    I'm not okay
    I'm sick and i know it

    I'm suicidal
    I'm depressed
    And everything seems to show it

    No one sees it
    No one cares
    I'm always by myself

    I'll cover it up
    So none ever see
    I'll hide my feelings on a shelf

    I want to escape reality
    Go to happier places
    So many things i want to see
    Like peoples smiling faces

    But this world is still depressing
    And i still want to cry
    I have one quick solution
    To fill this tub and die

    I'm not fine
    I'm not okay
    I'm sick and i know it

    I'm suicidal
    I'm depressed
    And everything i do seems to show it

    I try to hide it
    Yet it all fails
    But im going to solve my strife

    One quick solution
    To this trying problem
    I'm going to end my life

    Chapter Six
    My Life's Story
    Kailee's P.O.V.

    I sat at my desk, a bit startled, but very content with what I was about to do. I had written a small note to my mother about how I just couldn't take it anymore. It just hurt to much.

    I had to take care of a few things first, sure, but I was positive that this was the best solution to my problem. It was my last option for peace.

    The first thing I did was set up my sister for success. I copywrited all of my songs and poems under her name. They say that after a poet dies their work becomes more valued. If that was true, then she wouldn't have such a rough start out of high school. I wished her the best life, and everything I couldn't have from it, because she truly deserved it.

    I remembered the start of it all. It was the day I first met Jeffery. He was kind, sweet, and just a tad humorus. He was the perfect guy, but I was already with Sean. I couldn't just hurt Sean like that. Sean wouldn't do something like that to me. Or, so I thought he wouldn't.

    Six months later, I found out I was pregnant. Sean bailed, of course, but on the night of the prom, Jeffery asked me and me to dance with him, despite my being pregnant. Naturally, everyone knew. It was high school. It was to be expected. What suprised me most was that although there was another man's spawn growing inside of me, Jeffery wanted me by his side.

    After a week of dating, I went and had an abortion. I didn't want to have any child except for his, because I truely loved him. He was my support, and I was his support. He was also a complete gentleman during it. He demanded that we had to get married before we had a kid together, much less even sleep in the same bed together. He was so caring, so gentle, and it made me love him all the more!

    Jeffery and I had spent a wonderful two years together. He proposed to me after a year and a half. We had a small fight over the wedding, but I finally gave in and let him have his choice of a big, fancy wedding. After the argument, he left to go pick out the church. I didn't go with him, because my mother was coming over soon. I still wish I had gone with him.

    I was with my mother when I heard what happened. He had been in a crash with and 18 wheeler, at 60 miles per hour. His car was smashed to pieces. He was left alive, but barely. The hospital wouldn't let me in to see him, although I was his fiance. They said that if I ended up crying, it could send him into a coma. That was bullshit, because he was already in one. He didn't wake up once in the hospital.

    I cried throughout the funeral. I didn't leave my house for seven months. The only time I left after that. was to pick up cigarettes. My mother would buy me groceries, and help me keep up with rent, but she refused to get me cigarettes. She didn't understand that they were the only thing that comforted me anymore. My mom also stopped by all the time to check on my health.

    Unfortunately, the only thing that made my life worth anything at all was Jefferey, and now that he was gone, I saw no point in going on.

    I stared at the piece metal for a few seconds, before pressing it against myself. My life didn't pass before my eyes, and I didn't hesitate. I actually sighed as the cold piece touched my head.

    My last thoughts were of a few lines in a song I had written years ago.

    Heaven help us if we fail,
    And let our hopes to die prevail.

    And then, without thinking, I pulled the trigger.

    Chapter Seven {Final Chapter}
    Suicide Mascarade
    Narrator is Unknown

    Welcome to the suicide mascarade
    Where the halls all reek of death
    The punch is tainted with cyanide
    Just so you know, my guest

    We laugh and we dance merrily
    The chatter fills our ears
    Although we hurt so much inside
    It can easily bring us to tears

    The mood slowly darkens
    Yet we still dance to our songs
    And at midnight we'll commit suicide
    Just like we've wanted to all along

    We're insane and full of lies
    But I'll tell you this one truth
    You must run far away when comes midnight
    Before we steal away your youth

    Run fast and as far as you can
    Try to never look back
    You might have to swallow your pride
    And disappear into the night so black

    Hopefully, none should notice
    And our plans remain unchanged
    While we pass on to the next life
    You'll live and remain the same

    Dancing, laughter, love and chatter
    Shall conceal our pain hereon after
    Until come the strokes of midnight
    And everyone here within your sight
    Will all fall down to the ground from their feet
    And will finally be able to rest in peace

    But heaven help us if we fail
    And let our hopes to die prevail


    Note; this is all handwritten in under like THREE HOURS!
    I spent so little time on this, but a lot of effort, so any comments would be appreciated!