• you make me happy,you make me cry
    if im not with you i will die

    the day i met you i was never bored
    from then youve healed my bleeding sore

    you made me change in a weird way
    ur my love you'll always say

    everyday youll talk to me
    your face in my heart ill always see

    both of us together it has to last
    u make my heart beat so fast

    if i ever see u with another girl
    that will destroy my inside world

    i kno right now i am urs
    but somehow between us theyll be thorns

    i will do anything to meet you
    the way that you treat me i no u will too

    its lik everything about me you will always no
    i love u so much i dont want to let u go

    ur so romantic sweet and kind
    ur the type i was hoping to find