• Midnight pools about her form
    Illuminating her with its soft glow
    Reflecting its golden light
    Through her curled ebony locks
    Casting its mystic shadow across her still form

    A breeze blows its gentle way
    Through the open window
    And rustles the bedclothes spread around her
    Making her shiver against the chill air

    Across the moon, a shadow is cast
    Darkened by skeletal wings
    And the midnight bird of the Shadows
    Alights at the open window

    He perches himself upon the sill
    And cries a mournful caw
    For the love he has abandoned
    To her own cries of sorrow

    His dark feathers shine
    In the midnight sun
    The black beads of his eyes
    Reflect the glow of the moon

    But his heart he believes
    Has vanished with his soul
    He’s lost himself to the darkness
    Until his light returns once more
    Until his light returns once more

    He sits there, watching her sleep
    The deep, even motion of her breast
    Rising and falling with each breath
    As lines appear upon her forehead
    As though she was suffering in a nightmare

    He watched the tears course down her cheeks
    Heard her silent whispers as she called to him
    "I love you," she said in her dream
    "Will you never return to me?"

    If only I could still shed tears, he thought
    I would cry you a river of my sorrows
    All for you
    And all for the loss of each other

    "And I, you."
    Came the murmered croak of the raven
    Before spreading his wings and flying away