• How i feal
    there is no definition but nothing
    when i feal sad i quickly forget
    when i feal happy i quickly ruin the moment
    when i have no fealing at all, i await a storm of fury
    i feal like i belong with mentaly retarded kids
    but yet i am smarter than the aveage man
    i feal like i could cry.
    I feal the tears crawl down.
    Why. Why. Why do i care.
    iI guess i dont know.
    What do you say? Oh i bet you dont care
    I bet no one cares that i commit suicide on a dayly basis
    trying to ovecome my drive to survive, my drive to love my family
    i try to die to get ride of the guilt i hold
    Would you kill yourself if you are the reason of a great misfortune
    i rest my case as i rest my head onto the pillow with a knife in my hand
    and blood
    dripping down my arm